1- How can I pay for my order?

You can make the cash payment, bank transfer, cash deposit from our bank, credit card, PayPal or directly at our facilities when picking up.

2- Can the delivery date be customized?

Deliveries in 48h working or on the date you want: So you can organize all the work of the plantation, in Viveros Barber, you can specify and customize the delivery of your plants.

3- Do you guarantee the delivery day?

Viveros Barber guarantees delivery on the requested date provided that the order is placed before 13:00 local time, and the day of delivery is not a holiday in the destination or national holiday.

4- How do the plants reach their destination?

The plants are served bare root, ready to plant without performing any operation. The plants arrive at their destination perfectly packaged, fresh and in perfect condition.

The packages are made minutes before the departure of our facilities to preserve the ideal conditions of conservation.

In Viveros Barber you will have a delivery made by professionals of the transport of natural plants.

5- How long can the plants be conserved from the reception of the nursery?

It depends on the conditions (temperature and humidity) of conservation.

The ideal is to guradarlas in cool and humid place, without opening the original packaging.

If you have a cold room you can prolong the conservation. The adequate temperature is between 3 and 5ºC, with the original package tightly closed. In these conditions you can keep them for 15 days.

6- Can I cancel an order once the payment is made?

Yes, as long as at the time of cancellation the order is not already delivered or in distribution.

In this case, get in touch with our customer service department by calling 960 70 78 78 or via email info @ viverosbarber.com

7- What happens if the recipient is not at home?

The delivery company will leave a card with your information at your address or in your mailbox, so that the recipient can contact them and the delivery is made.

8- How can I receive information about offers of Barber Nurseries?

If you register as a customer, you have the option to subscribe to our newsletter and special offers. Subscribe here

9- When will I have the first grapes?

It depends a lot on the climate and soil conditions, and the "caretaker" of the plants, but under normal conditions, you will get the first grapes 18 months after planting.