Warranty & Return Policy

Double A Vineyards is devoted to providing our customers with high quality plant material that is guaranteed to grow. It is expected that the buyer perform full inspection of the package upon arrival and that any damaged products or shortages are reported within 48 hours of the arrival of the package(s).

Any rooted vines or plants planted by June 1st that fail to exhibit growth will be replaced free of charge, subject to availability; provided, however, that total replacements shall not exceed 5% of the total original order. All claims must be submitted by August 15th of the year the product is delivered. For losses in excess of 3% we require notice within 30 days of planting so we can verify practices. In the instance that plants prove to be untrue to variety we will replace 100% of the incorrect stock. Under no circumstances is our liability greater than the cost of the stock purchased.

Grafted vines will only be warrantied if planted with the graft union no more than 2 inches above final soil level as outlined in the planting instructions. Cuttings are not covered under this warranty policy. We are not liable for crop loss or damage from causes beyond our control including but not limited to mishandled plants, plants impacted by environmental conditions or conditions caused by the buyer that Double A Vineyards does not recommend, or losses sustained over the winter. Stock furnished under this replacement policy does not qualify for the same warranty agreement.

By submitting payment the buyer agrees mutually with the seller that this is the total extent of our liability involving any matter concerning our product.