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Nurseries What are the plants like and how are they shipped?

This is how our Vine plants are

The plants that we make are 1 year old plants, which are the ones used for the new vine plantations.

They are certified graft plants, grafted with the variety of white grape, ink, wine or selected table, on a pattern or rootstock American resistant to phylloxera and adapted to soil conditions.

The plants go to bare root, which is the most practical way to do the transplant from our nurseries to the final location: they occupy less, weigh less, transport better and perfectly preserve their freshness.

The plants are pruned to two buds, waxed (red wax that should not be removed) and with the roots trimmed.

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You can make your reservation of plants now and we will send them to you on the date you want.

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How do you have to plant them?

The plants that Viveros Barber sends are ready to be planted without having to perform any previous operation.

The depth of the plantation hole should be about 40cm. and the diameter enough to allow us to reach that depth. Depending on the system we use to drill, the width may vary.

To enter the plant is enough with 4cm in diameter. For more information, see the section "How to plant a vineyard".

You will pick your first uvasa approximately in 18 months after planting.

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So you will receive our vine plants

In Barber Nursery you will have a delivery made by professionals of the transport of natural plants.

Deliveries are personalized on the date you want. The plants are served bare root, in adequate packaging to maintain freshness and perfectly prepared for transport.

For more information, see the section on how long can I keep them? and how do I keep the plants until they are planted?

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Box of 1 to 25 plants

It goes with a box of 60 * 12 * 12 cm and the weight varies between 1Kg and 2Kg.

Box of 25 to 75 plants

It goes with a box of 60 * 25 * 12 cm and the weight varies between 2Kg and 5Kg.

Box of 75 to 150 plants

It goes with a box of 60 * 25 * 25 cm and has an approximate weight of 10 Kg

Box of 150 to 250 plants

It goes with a box of dimensions 60 * 50 * 40 cm and has an approximate weight of 20 Kg.

Do you want to plant and don't know which vine to choose?

With our plant finder you can select different criteria to obtain the appropriate result for your area and your selection.