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How to plant a vineyard Step by step


What is the best time to plant a vine?

The transplantation of the vines is done in a vegetative stop and it can be done from the moment the leaf falls until it begins to sprout, which must be done at the final site.

You can plant vines from December until well into spring. The great majority of the plantations are carried out between the months of December and May.

Traditionally, plantations have been carried out at the beginning of winter, December, so that they receive all the rain accumulated in this season.

Currently, with irrigation systems, later plantings can be carried out in spring.

You can make your plant reservation now and we will send it to you on the date you want.

Where can the vineyard be planted?

Minimum needs

The capacity of adaptation of the vine to climatologically unfavorable conditions is very high and the vineyard today has a wide world distribution from tropical and subtropical zones, passing through semi-desert areas or in danger of desertification, reaching very cold areas.


Temperatures must exceed at least 18ºC from the time of the poisoning (color change of the bunch) in order to have an adequate maturation.


The reasonable limits for the cultivation of the vineyard go from the level of the sea to about 800 m of altitude, although in Spain, there are higher vineyards reaching up to 1,300m.


The vine is a plant that supports drought very well, but to cover its basic needs you need between 350 and 500 mm of water per year.

is a vineyard planted?

Plant vines.
How to make a small vineyard.

Make a hole about 40 cm deep. The diameter must be the necessary to reach this depth.
Introduce the vine plants in the hole, hole, or trench made by the subsoiler up to the graft height. It is very important that the grafting point is above ground level. Avoid the formation of air pockets between the vine plant and the soil.
We recommend an abundant irrigation immediately after planting. 10 liters per plant.
In case of risk of frost, it is recommended to cover the plant completely with loose soil, and take care to uncover it when the risk of frost disappears. We advise the use of protective tubes. You can leave the plants without any protection in areas without risk of frost or late plantings.

How long can the plants be kept from the reception of the nursery?

It depends on the conditions (temperature and humidity) of conservation.

The ideal is to guradarlas in cool and humid place, without opening the original packaging.

If you have a cold room you can prolong the conservation. The adequate temperature is between 3 and 5ºC, with the original package tightly closed. In these conditions you can keep them for 15 days.


How do I keep them until I plant them?

When receiving the package from the nursery it is recommended to keep the plants in their original container and follow these basic tips:

  • Do not open the containers until they are used.
  • Keep the vine plants in a cool and humid place.
  • In case of storage in a cold room, keep the temperature between 3-5º C.
  • Do not expose to the sun.
  • Avoid storage in places where there are drafts.
  • To avoid conservation, we offer personalized delivery date service, in which we send the plants on the date you want.

Plants send them ready to plant?

The plants are pruned to two buds, the graft is covered with red paraffin which is a natural protector (do not eliminate the red wax) and with the roots cut out.

So, the plants that Barber Nurseries sends are ready to be planted without having to perform any previous operation. Although, depending on the planting system we use, the roots must be trimmed.


When am I going to have the first grapes?

It depends a lot on the conditions of climate and soil, subscribers, irrigation and the "caretaker" of the plants.

Under normal conditions, you will get the first grapes 18 months after planting.

You can make your plant reservation now and we will send it to you on the date you want.

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