Cabernet Sauvignon

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This vine variety is originally from the Bordeaux region. Based on published genetic studies, this variety comes from the crossbreeding of  Cabernet franc N and Sauvignon B


There is no officially recognized synonym in France nor in other countries in the European Union.


In France, Cabernet-Sauvignon N is officially listed in the "Catalogue of vine varieties".This variety is likewise listed in the Catalogues of other European Union member states: Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia


Wine vine variety


Bud burst: 13 days after Chasselas. 
Grape maturity: period II, 3 to 3 and 1/2 weeks after Chasselas.

Suitability for cultivation and agronomic production

Cabernet-Sauvignon N has a late bud burst, is vigorous with large-diameter  vine shoots under fertile conditions with very long branches (elongated internodes) and lignified tendrils. It requires careful training and pruning, which can be long or short in southern areas, and is relatively slow. Large pruning wounds should be avoided. Removing wood, which is hard, likewise requires considerable time consuming work. Cabernet-Sauvignon N oftentimes produces better results on gravely and draining ground, rather acid and well-exposed. This variety sometimes suffers from black stem and this risk is increased by using certain rootstock such as S04.

Sensitivity to diseases and pests

Cabernet-Sauvignon N is less susceptible to grey rot. On the other hand, it is very suceptible to wood disease (eutypiosis, esca) and powdery mildew.

Technological potential

The grape clusters and berries are small. Cabernet-Sauvignon N makes wines with very interesting tannic structure with a sustained color when it has reached maturity. These wines are generally suitable for ageing and maturing in wood. This vine variety passes from vegetal aromas to much more pleasant and complex aromas once the wine has reached a proper maturity. On the other hand, when vinified alone as a single variety, Cabernet-Sauvignon N oftentimes lacks body and roundness.

Clonal selection

The Cabernet-Sauvignon N clones carry the numbers 685.

Source: PlantGrape

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