Cardinal Grapevines

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Cardinal Grapevines


This variety was obtained by E. Snyder and F. Harmon in California. Based on genetic analyses carried out, this variety is derived from the crossbreeding of Reine des vignes B and Alphonse Lavallée N.


No synonym is officially recognized in France, nor in other countries of the European Union.


This variety is likewise listed in the Catalogues of other European Union member states:
Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary, Italy and Portugal.


Wine and table grape vine variety


Bud burst: 9 days after Chasselas.
Grape maturity: early, 1 week before Chasselas.

Suitability for cultivation and agronomic production

  • Cardinal Rg has strong vigor and grows horizontal.
  • It can be managed short pruned and must be trained.
  • It is susceptible to millerandage and coulure.
  • Berries are susceptible to bursting.

Sensitivity to diseases and pests

Cardinal Rg is suceptible to excoriosis and downy mildew.

Technological potential

  • Cardinal Rg grape clusters are large, loose with a long and not very lignified stalk.
  • The berries are very large but the coloring is irregular.
  • The skin is moderately thick and the pulp is firm.
  • This variety with its simple flavor displays interesting taste qualities.
  • The grapes have moderate storage capacity and transport fairly well.

Clonal selection 

Cardinal Rg clones carry the numbers 80.

Source: Plantgrape

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