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Cepe-Vid Sultanina

Grapevines Cepe-Vid Sultanina

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  • The Cepe-Vid plant is an innovative product designed to facilitate vineyard replanting, allowing for optimal and rapid root development in any circumstance.
  • Achieve greater success in replanting with our Cepe-Vid plants.
  • The Cepe-Vid plant is ideal for replanting within a mature vineyard, as it enables plant development in any situation, significantly reducing the time to production.
  • The Cepe-Vid plant is a traditional balled-and-burlapped vine plant with a substrate of fertilized soil enriched with all the necessary elements that will allow them to have the best development within an established vineyard.
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The Cepe-Vid Plant: Redefining Vineyard Replanting

Characteristics of Sultanina Grapes

You can find more information about the agronomic characteristics of Sultanina grape plants by following this link.

Sultanina is a table grape variety, also known as Thompson Seedless, Sultana, Tomson, or Kichinich. Its clusters are large, conical, and highly elongated, with a long peduncle and a high degree of lignification. The berries are small and have an ovoid or elliptical shape, with a circular section and a light green-yellow color when ripe. The skin is thin, with slight lenticels and inconspicuous stigmatic scars. The pulp is firm and crunchy, non-pigmented, and not very juicy, with a short pedicel that facilitates berry detachment.

Sultanina vines have vigor ranging from medium to high, with an upright growth habit. They bud, flower, go through veraison, and mature in a medium timeframe. They are highly fertile and offer good yields.

From an agronomic perspective, Sultanina requires thinning and shoot removal. Long pruning is recommended, as buds at the base of the canes are unproductive. Due to the small size of its berries, the use of gibberellins or girdling is advisable. It is susceptible to powdery mildew and moderately resistant to downy mildew, as well as prone to thrips and slightly affected by mites. Sultanina is sensitive to botrytis, and its berries detach easily from the cluster. It has a high sugar content and low acidity.

This variety has traditionally been used to produce raisins, but it is also suitable for winemaking. It is widely recognized as the most common seedless variety of grapes worldwide. Its clone in propagation is Inra-Entav 919.

The Cepe-Vid plant is an innovative product designed with a clear focus: to make vineyard replanting more effective and successful in any situation. We have created this unique solution to provide grape growers with a tool that ensures optimal and rapid root development at all times.

Increase Your Success in Replanting with Cepe-Vid

If you are in the process of replanting your vineyard, you cannot afford to overlook the Cepe-Vid plant. Our plant is the perfect choice for replanting in a mature vineyard, as it significantly accelerates the time it takes for new plants to enter production. This means you not only save time but also begin enjoying the fruits of your vineyard more quickly.

The Cepe-Vid Plant Revolution

The Cepe-Vid plant is more than just a grapevine; it is the innovation that is transforming the way vineyards are replanted worldwide. Our plant comes rooted, meaning it is delivered with a substrate of fertilized soil enriched with all the necessary elements for healthy growth. But that's not all. Our substrate contains a special blend of nutrients that activate the plant's natural defenses, creating an environment conducive to vigorous and high-quality growth.

Unparalleled Nutrient Bioavailability

At the heart of the Cepe-Vid plant is its exclusive substrate, ensuring exceptional bioavailability of nutrients present in your vineyard soil. This means your plants will not only grow faster but will also be better prepared to face the natural challenges of the environment, resulting in healthy growth and high-quality grape production.

The Future of Your Replanting

With the Cepe-Vid plant, we are changing the rules of the game in vineyard replanting. We offer an effective and revolutionary solution for grape growers looking to replant their vineyards faster and more effectively. By choosing Cepe-Vid, you are not just selecting a plant but also embracing a transformation in how you perceive and approach vineyard replanting.

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