Chardonnay Plants

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Chardonnay Plants


This variety is originally from Bourgogne (Burgundy) and based on published genetic analyses, comes from the crossbreeding with Pinot and Gouais B


No synonym is officially recognized for this vine variety.In the European Union, Chardonnay B can officially be designated by other names: Chardoney (Bulgaria), Feinburgunder (Austria), Morillon (Austria), Pino shardone (Bulgaria) and Pinot Chardonnay (Cyprus).


In France, Chardonnay B is officially listed in the "Catalogue of vine varieties".This variety is likewise listed in the Catalogues of other European Union member states: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden


Wine grape variety

Phenology Chardonnay plants

Bud burst: 1 day before Chasselas. 
Grape maturity: period I, 1 and 1/2 weeks after Chasselas

Suitability for cultivation and agronomic production

Chardonnay B is generally long pruned. However in areas with favorable climatic conditions for floral initiation, vines may also be pruned short.  This variety is suited to moderately fertile soils with dominant limestone or marly. In Mediterranean areas,  intense drought situations are to be avoided.

Sensitivity to diseases and pests

Chardonnay B is susceptible to powdery mildew and to grapevine yellows due to phytoplasma. On the other hand, it is not prone to downy mildew. At the end of maturation and under strong vigor situation, grey rot may cause substantial damage.

Technological potential

The grape clusters and berries are small. This variety has an extermely high potential for quality and is used to produce dry white wines, sparkling wines and even liqueur wines. The sugar content of the berries can reach high levels while maintaining high acidity levels. This is what enables the production of particularly well balanced, powerful and full bodied wine (rich and with volume). The typical aromas are  complex and intense (dried fruit, hazel nut, grilled flavor, exotic fruit, butter, etc). Chardonnay B is likewise suited to fermentation and barrel ageing.

Clonal selection Chardonnay 96

Source: PlantGrape

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