Muscat à petits grains

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Muscat à petits grains blancs
This variety would appear to originally be from Greece.
There is no officially recognized synonym for this variety in France.In the European Union, Muscat à petits grains blancs B can officially be called by other names: Gelber Muskateller (Germany), Moscato (Germany, Malta, under certain conditions in Italy), Muscat (Germany), Muscat blanc (Germany), Muskateller  Gelber (Germany), Moscatel de Grano Menudo (Spain), Moscatel Morisco (Spain), Moscatel de Frontignan (Spain), Moscatel Galego Branco (Portugal), Moscato Bianco (Italy, Malta), Muscat de Chambave (Italy), Moscatello (Italy, under certain conditions), Moscatellone (Italy, under conditions, Muscat (Italy, under conditions), Moschato aspro (Greece), Moscato spinas (Greece), Moschato Mazas (Greece), Moschato aspro Β (Greece), Moschato Spinas (Greece), Muškat (Slovenia), Muskat Peti Gran (Bulgaria), Tamianka (Bulgaria), Muškát žltý  (Czech Republic. Slovakia), Muskatel (Malta), Rumeni muškat (Slovenia), Sárga muskotály (Hungary).
In France, Muscat à petits grains blancs B is officially listed in the "Catalogue of vine varieties".

This vine variety is likewise listed in the Catalogues of other European Union member states: Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia.
Wine vine variety
Evolution of area under vines in France
1958    1968    1979    1988    1998    2008    2011
ha    2297    3032    3720    4639    6058    7370    7734
Identification signs include:
- the tips of the young shoot have a very dense coat of flat-lying hairs,
- young leaves are very bronze, shoots with long tendrils,
- adult leaves are dark green, orbicular, 3 or 5-lobed, slightly open or closed V-shaped petiole sinus, moderate to large teeth, straight sides and moderate to long compared to width at base; absence of anthocyanin coloration of veins; bubbled leaf blade, frequently wavy between the principle veins near the petiole point, and the underside with a sparse coat of upright and flat-lying hairs,
- round-shaped berries with muscatée flavor.
Genetic profile
Microsatellite    VVS2    VVMD5    VVMD7    VVMD27    VRZAG62    VRZAG79    VVMD25    VVMD28    VVMD32    Allel 1    131    225    233    176    186    252    240    245    263    Allel 2    131    234    249    191    196    256    248    267    271
Bud burst: as with Chasselas.
Grape maturity: period II, 2 weeks after Chasselas.
Suitability for cultivation and agronomic production
Moderate vigor variety with upright or semi-erect growth, must be short pruned. This variety is particularly adapted to limestone terroirs.
Sensitivity to diseases and pests
Muscat à petits grains blancs B is sensitive to powdery mildew, grey rot and hymenoptera. It is likewise very sensitive to mites.
Technological potential
The grape clusters are small and the berries moderate size. This variety can produce dry white wine, natural sweet wine and sparkling wine. It can likewise be used blended (with a small percentage) to provide aromatic nuances in neutral wines. Muscat à petits grains blancs B has a high sugar potential with good acidity balance, and intense, powerful and delicate flavor.
Clonal selection in France
The 13 approved Muscat à petits grains blancs B clones carry the numbers 154, 155, 156, 157, 452, 453, 454, 455, 576, 577, 578, 579 and 826. A conservatory of 110 clones has been set up in Aude since 1995. Recent surveys have led to setting up a second conservatory involving a hundred or so clones in the vineyards in Die (Drôme) in 2007.

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