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Pedro Ximenez

Grapevines Pedro Ximenez

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  • Versatile Grape for Winemaking: Pedro Ximenez grapes, with their high sugar content, are perfect for crafting both sweet and dry wines, allowing for diverse wine production options.
  • Rich and Aromatic Wines: These grapes yield wines with intense fruity and floral aromas, making them a top choice for vintners seeking aromatic richness in their products.
  • Ideal for Fortified Wines: Pedro Ximenez is renowned for its role in creating fortified wines, such as those from the Sherry region, producing exceptional dessert wines.
  • Vigorous Vines for Various Climates: Well-suited for warm climates with abundant sunlight, these vigorous vines can adapt to different European regions, offering flexibility in viticultural practices.
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Pedro Ximenez Grape Variety

General Characteristics

  • Origin: Traditionally cultivated in Andalusia and Extremadura, Spain. Now also planted in other Spanish regions producing white grapes.
  • Wine Profile: Known for producing highly alcoholic wines with low acidity. Pedro Ximenez grapes are a classic choice for sweet and fortified wines, offering rich fruity and floral aromas.

Viticultural Traits

  • Bunches: Large in size, moderately compact, with short peduncles and tight berry attachment.
  • Berries: Medium-sized, green-yellowish skin with little pruinosity, uniform and circular in section. Thick-skinned with juicy, sweet, and highly aromatic pulp.
  • Vigorous Vines: Pedro Ximenez vines are vigorous with an erect growth habit, well-suited for short pruning methods. They have good productivity and mid-season ripening.

Agronomic Characteristics

  • Disease Susceptibility: Highly susceptible to Botrytis and downy mildew, moderately susceptible to powdery mildew.
  • Cold Resistance: Relatively cold-resistant, can thrive in warmer climates with abundant sunlight, ideal for optimal ripening.
  • Soil Preference: Thrives in well-aerated, deep soils.
  • Nutrient Requirements: High phosphorus and potassium requirements.

Oenological Potential

  • Sugar Accumulation: Pedro Ximenez grapes are known for their high sugar content, making them ideal for producing wines with elevated alcohol levels.
  • Biological Aging: Responds well to biological aging processes.
  • Unique Wines: Commonly used to make sweet, dark-colored wines with smooth, fruity, and full-bodied characteristics. These wines are obtained by sun-drying the grapes and aging them through the "solera" and "criadera" system.

Clonal Variants

  • Clones under propagation: Pedro Ximénez LM1, LM2, LM3, LM4.

Pedro Ximenez grapes are a versatile choice for both sweet and dry wines, offering a range of winemaking possibilities.

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