Riesling Plants

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Riesling Plants


Based on published genetic analyses, this variety probably originally from the banks of the Rhine river, is a descendant of Gouais B.


There is no officially recognized synonym for this variety in France.In the European Union, Riesling B can officially be called by other names: Rajnai rizling (Hungary), Renski rizling (Slovenia), Rhine Riesling (Cyprus), Riesling renano (Italy, Malta, Germany), Riesling Weiss (Bulgaria), German riesling (Bulgaria), Riesling de Rhin (Romania), Rheinriesling (Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic), Rizling rýnsky  (Czech Republic, Slovakia), Weißer Riesling (Germany, Austria) and Klingelberger (Austria).


In France, Riesling B is officially listed in the "Catalogue of vine varieties".

This vine variety is likewise listed in the Catalogues of other European Union member states: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.


Wine vine variety


Bud burst: 5 days after Chasselas.

Grape maturity: period II, 3 weeks after Chasselas.

Suitability for cultivation and agronomic production

Riesling B has good resistance to winter cold and produces fruit well after spring frost. This variety must be long pruned and trained. It is a bit sensitive to black stem. Best vineyards are varied (limestone, granite) but are made up particularly of schist.

Sensitivity to diseases and pests

Riesling B is sensitive to grey rot, anthracnose disease and grape caterpillars. Under certain conditions, the onset of grey rot on the stalks can lead to early grape drop.

Technological potential

Grape clusters and berries are small in size. Riesling B can produce great quality dry white wine: very aromatic, lively and elegant. The acidity balance is very high. These wines can be aged and their bouquet evolves slowly towards "petrol" (hydrocarbons) aromas. Riesling B, when over-ripened or in the presence of noble rot can produce great liqueur wines.

Clonal selection in France

The 8 approved Riesling B clones carry the numbers 49, 1089, 1090, 1091, 1092, 1094, 1096 and 1097. Close to 190 clones were set up in a conservatory in Alsace in 1997.

Source: Riesling Plantgrape

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