Sugraone Seedless Grapevine

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Sugraone is a slightly elongated green grape with a mild muscat flavour, which is sweet and low in acids.

This is a grape with a good crunchy texture when eaten, and usually quite irresistible when at its best.

Sugraone is an early season grape.


Sugraone; Superior Seedless


Sugraone was developed by Sunworld in California and has the trade-marked name of Superior Seedless.

When marketed as Superior Seedless, the grape must meet certain minimum quality standards established by Sunworld.

Bud break:

Very early

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases:

Sensitive to deficiencies in Zn et Fe. Very sensitive to powdery mildew.


Strong vigor. Seedless. Can be used for juices, raisins and canning.


Average. Low fertility preferably on low vigour rootstocks vigorous.


stores and ships well.


Average to big, conic, half-compact


Green-yellow, oval, big, thick skin, firm flesh Good colour. Taste with muscat undertones.



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